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  • Easier – because candidates submit fine-grained applications that can be scored
 objectively and quickly, which means less work reviewing
  • Fairer – because our name blind, data-driven assessment
 reduces bias, which puts everyone on a level playing field
  • More effective – because using Hireist it's easier to identify the best
 candidates who can actually do the job you need done

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What is Hireist?

Hireist is a streamlined, powerful, easy-to-use web-based applicant tracking and candidate assessment system that saves you time and helps you to ensure better hiring outcomes. Use it to connect with and filter candidates, build your interview shortlist, and create structured interview templates to enable objective scoring

How it works

Using Hireist, you split your job description and person specification up into individual, atomic job requirements with just a couple of clicks. Candidates need to make explicit assertions about their fit for each individual requirement when they apply, instead of you having to pull out the relevant information from their CV. This makes it easy to build objective scores for easy candidate filtering. Hireist uses them to generate structured interview templates for phone screening and in-person interviews, and help you create objective end-of-probation outcome assessments.

Build your job landing page on Hireist
Hireist makes it easy to turn your job description and person specification into individual job requirements in a couple of clicks. Add an introduction and some other details and that’s your job page!

Promote your job page
Promote your open position on job boards, using your job page on Hireist as the landing page for applications

Candidates apply for the job

Candidates complete their application and upload their CV, responding to the individual job requirements you’ve identified.


Hireist is simple, easy to use, and affordable.

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