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Embedded Software Head at Saurabh

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Embedded Software Head at Saurabh

About the role

Head of Software


As part of the Technical Service Center (TSC) organization, the Head of Software is responsible for coordinating Software development and testing activities, ensuring Delivery, Quality and Costs objectives are met.


Software scope includes:

Ø  Software System Functions: Board Support Package (BSP) and Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL); System performance, resources and stability; Trace & Log, System monitoring;

Ø  Vehicle Functions: Vehicle Network, Communication layer and Diagnostic;

Ø  Software Application;

Ø  Software Human Machine Interface (HMI).


Software development and testing activities are comprehensively covered by the following areas:

Ø  Software Design;

Ø  Software Architecture;

Ø  Software Construction;

Ø  Software Integration and Validation;

Ø  Software Management.



Main activities/responsibilities:

·       Manage the staff within the Software areas through the coordination of the Software Area Managers.

·       Ensure the deployment of relevant processes within the Software team to recruit, train and manage the evolution of every team member.

·       Define the orientation to be given to technical competences and know-how, as required for the different Software areas and related staffs. Monitor and support the enforcement, constant availability and growth of the so-defined skills.

·       Monitor the consistency and sustainability of resources allocation to application projects and to platform and offer activities.

·       Ensure an optimized resources utilization by projects.

·       Ensure the definition and deployment of TSC standard process and tool chains across all Software areas.

·       Ensure the deployment of Agile Software development and testing methodologies whenever suitable.

·       Provide the best level of service to projects by pursuing continuous improvement of processes, tools and technical solutions, reaching out for state-of-the-art methods and technologies.

·       Be responsible for Software engineering budget (headcount, investments, expenses), ensuring the compliance with the targets assigned.

·       Approve the selected Software solution from the offer phase, ensuring the respect of the assigned target cost.

·       Define the innovation roadmap for the assigned product portfolio / professional domain, in coordination with the orientation given by internal / external customers  and market / technology trends.

·       Ensure a constant visibility on the status of Software activities and issues to TSC higher management, using a periodic reporting and appropriate escalations.

·       Contribute to people development and satisfaction programs.



Key Skills 

·       Software development and testing methodologies

·       Software planning and monitoring

·       Agile methodology

·       Software solutions used for automotive embedded developments

·       Organizational management

·       Strong leadership

·       Knowledge of economical / financial aspect (initiative, budget, reporting)

·       Ability to work with international distributed teams

·       High capacity of synthesis for technical issues

·       Problem solving attitude

·       Customer management ability

·       Atlassian Suite (Jira, Confluence) knowledge



Language Skills

·       Advanced written and spoken English

·       Basic spoken Italian (optional)

·       Basic spoken Japanese (optional)



Education & Former Experience

·       Electronic Engineering Degree, Information Science Degree

·       Project / Product management in automotive industry

·       More than 12 years of experience in embedded real time Software development, for products with high level of SW contents

·       Automotive and/or aeronautics field experience required

·       2 years of experience in overseas managerial role

·       Experienced in planning and monitoring activities (project management & tools)

·       Successful operational deployment of Agile / Scrum development

Role and responsibilities

  • Embedded Software, Software Head, automotive Software Head

Key details


Posted 9 months ago

$100,000 to $150,000 per year

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